NewBandMusic.com is a website devoted to cataloguing wind band music from composers; providing a well-organized resource for band directors as an alternative to the traditional publishing companies. The typical publishing company does not function primarily to provide band directors with high quality music, but rather to make a profit. For this reason, band directors too often are flooded with low quality arrangements, mass-produced pieces for young ensemble, and general mediocrity. Meanwhile, emerging composers are also largely ignored by the major publishers: even if a piece is published, it is rarely sufficiently marketed, and the publisher takes a large chunk of any sales, driving prices up for directors and profits down for composers.

This site is devoted to the music of these composers will have a substantial advantage over a standard publishing catalog: each composer is passionate about what they are writing and more concerned with great performances than with profits. An extensive catalog of new band music will provide a wide range of high quality music in unique styles, while being more cost effective for both directors and composers.


Posted August 22nd, 2014

by Sy Brandon

Grade Level: 2
Est. Duration: 4:00

by Jason McChristian

Grade Level: 5
Est. Duration: 5:30

Posted August 5th, 2014

by Josh Hobbs

Grade Level: 4
Est. Duration: 4:00

N. 44
by PoChun Wang

Grade Level: 5
Est. Duration: 5:30

Posted July 22nd, 2014

by Luke Ellard

Grade Level: 4
Est. Duration: 6:00

by Daniel Eichenbaum

Grade Level: 6
Est. Duration: 15:30